We are pleased to inform you that from December 2021 onwards, we are gradually switching over to a digital stamp card from the paper stamp card system.

The Digital stamp card system from the app has more privileges for our shoppers to enjoy, so please do not forget to upgrade your paper stamp card to the new digital stamp card.

Current gold membership status will remain upon upgrading, so please rest assured.

Upon your next visit to our shop, our friendly staffs could help you with the upgrade procedure, but in the meanwhile you can follow this simple steps to upgrade it.

  1. Download our App (Apple Store or Google Play Store, key in “KINNOMAME”)
  2. Bring the current paper stamp card with your device to any of our shops
  3. The paper data will be transferred to the digital device, at the same time, the gold member status will be transferred as well
  4. That’s all!

Once the transferred is successful, all stamp reward will be stamped digitally. Also, vouchers such like special discount voucher based on your last year purchase, birthday voucher will also be issued directly to the App, so you can use them with your purchase.

Stamp card rewarding

You can get 1 stamp from every $10 purchase. Coupon will automatically issue once you collected 10 stamps. You can click on the coupon button for the details.

Using of the coupon

1 coupon will be issued from every 10 collected stamps. Coupon can be exchanged from the below item.




Please note that all coupons have an expiry date.

Gold membership status

For Kin no Mame and Takumiya outlets, accumulating 20 stamps can bring your membership status to gold. Gold membership can enjoy $5 discount with a minimum of $50 purchase. Please show your App membership status to the staff.

Once you became a gold member status, you will receive discount vouchers from us. Please do not miss this great opportunity.

Discount Voucher

Every year, we will issue a voucher to the App as an appreciation for shopping with us. The voucher amount will be based on your sum of the previous year purchased (1st January to 31st of December) Also, members who registered their birthday on the App will receive a birthday special coupon.

Using of the discount voucher

Voucher can be used from a purchase more than $30 Singapore dollar.

If you have more question regarding our App, please free to ask our staffs. We are more than happy to serve you. Once again, thank you for your support!