"KIN NO MAME" means the best Beans in the world.



Our Brand name is called “KIN NO MAME”,
which means “GOLDEN BEANS” in English.

Our brand name came from the passion that
we decided to be a “No.1 Beans Company”
and, also try to be a “GOLD MEDALIST”



to all over the WORLD.

Our Beans are 100% made in JAPAN, and made by our Japanese Specialist.
Their knowledge and skills in creating the beans snacks are top-level of the world.
We are proud to introduce our high-quality and fresh Beans to all over the world.

To provide safe and relief to our customers,

we handle all export and import matters, and retailing matters by ourself.


100% direct retail shops,
and 100% self-export and import.

We do not do wholesales.
We do not want to leave our importing matters to others.
That is why we are 100% operating the shops by our company and we are 100% doing counter selling.
We also established a company in each country and
taking care of all of the import matters by ourselves.

“Kinnomame” will be served to you directly by only us with all responsibility.

In Japan we have four-season, each season has seasonal food.


"SYUN" means eating fresh seasonal food during the season.

“Kinnomame” does not have a product list.
This is to show that our products will evolve daily.

“SYUN” products are available in our shops.
Please enjoy the “SYUN” products in our Kinnomame shops.
We look forward to welcoming you.